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RJC interview

RJC Plant Services will be tackling mental health and suicide in the construction sector, by taking part in a sponsored hair growth challenge for the Lighthouse Club Charity, which is the only charity that provides financial and mental wellbeing support to construction workforce and their families.

The charity provides a 24 /7 Construction Industry Helpline which is the first point of contact to access a range of completely free and confidential support services including emergency financial aid, advice on welfare and mental wellbeing, and support on legal, tax and debt management matters.

Directors, Chris and John hope the ‘Movember’ challenge will help raise awareness of an important issue amongst men in the sector.

Chris said: “As a predominately male team, we know how difficult it can be for men to open up and talk about their mental health, particularly for those working in the construction sector. We want to do our bit to help reduce the stigma around it, and hopefully raise some vital funds for a great charity.”

Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Club Charity:

“Every single day two construction workers take their own life and a fifth of all work related illness is due to stress anxiety or depression. These shocking statistics are a vivid reminder of the difficulties faced by many working in the construction industry every day. Our mission is to ensure that no construction worker is alone in a crisis and we can only achieve that through the invaluable support of companies like RJC, so we wish them the best of luck with their Movember challenge.”

ComebaCK spoke to RJC about their plans.

Q: Why is it important for men to talk openly about their mental health and what do you think attitudes are currently towards mental health especially amongst young men?

A: It really is true about it being good to talk. Internalising and bottling up thoughts and feelings because people feel like they will be judged or maybe don’t think they have anyone to talk to can lead people, particularly men, down a really dark path. It’s really positive that more people are talking about it, and reducing the stigma. Hopefully young men will see others -whether its family or friends, or even those in the public eye normalising it, and if you aren’t feeling ok, reach out, don’t suffer on your own – there is help out there.

Q: What’s your target for Movember and what techniques would you suggest or that you think are important in keeping on top of our own mental states?

A: We’re aiming to raise awareness amongst our peers, and also our challenge is to raise £500 for Movember.

Talking for sure helps, so does limiting use of social media, getting outdoors as much as you can, appreciating the small wins each day and gratitude and general self care (exercise/diet/sleep).

Donate to RJC on this link ;


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